• No pupil shall absent himself from the classes without obtaining prior sanction of leave from the class teacher.
• Pupils applying for sick leave will be required to produce a medical certificate.
• Absence without leave as well as late –attendance will be viewed seriously.
• A pupil’s absence with out leave forever five consecutive days may result in his or her name being removed from the rolls.
• Every pupil shall attend the school for not less than 85% of the working days in a school year. Any breach of this rule may disqualify the pupil from being promoted to the higher class.

1. Parents are requested not to send the sick child to the school. Students suffering from infections and contagious diseases must not be sent to school. In such case, after recovery a medical certificate and fitness certificate too have to be produced.
2. Students who have been absent for any reason from the class must bring a leave letter from their parents stating the cause of absence. The letter should be given to the principal. In case a child suffers from illness for a long period, school should be intimated within one week.
3. If a student happens to be absent for 20days without information his or her name will be removed from the rolls without any notice.
4. When leave is essential, a prior sanction should be obtained.
5. Leave letters without signature of the parents will not be entertained.
6. When long leave or leave during the examination is necessary, due to unavoidable reasons, permission from the principal should be sought in advance.