General instructions for parents
1. Withdrawal of children from classes during the school time is not permitted. Parents who want to take their children to hospital etc. are advised not to send their children for a session or a day as the case may be and to send a leave note to the class teacher throw the student’s Diary.
2. Parents should not directly go to the classes.
3. Open houses are conducted regularly and parents should attend each open house with their wards without fail.
4. Entry of vehicles to the campus is restricted during working hours.
5. Non – vegetarian food including eggs should not be brought to the campus.
6. In view of the prevailing atmospheric conditions it is preferable for children to bring drinking water from home. However we shall ne providing filtered water from the school.
7. The circulars/Notices etc. sent through the students may please be acknowledged in the diary and attended to.
8. Parents are not allowed to meet the teachers when they are in the class. Parents desirous of speaking to the class teachers about the progress of their children may meet the teachers by previous appointment through the Principal.
9. Withdrawal of children from classes during the school time is not permitted except for medical reasons. Parents should come to take their wards. If not a letter should be send through the person who is entrusted with the task. Request for leave shall be forwarded through students diary. Parents would acknowledge the circulars given to the students by signing in the column provided.
General instructions for students
1. Home Work shall be done and submitted regularly.
2. Indifference towards any subject, discourtesy towards any member of the staff or any act which affects the discipline or tone of the school will be viewed seriously.
3. Cleanliness in person and clothes is expected of every child. Students coming to school in untidy dress, hair etc. will be reused admittance.
4. Child suffering from any contagious or infectious disease will not be allowed to attend school.
5. Habitual negligence in school work, dishonesty or other acts of misconduct will entail severe disciplinary actions which in extreme cases will be expulsion.
6. Pupils are responsible for the safe custody of their books and belongings.
7. Any damage done to school property or to that of other students will have to be made good.
8. The school premises should be kept neat and tidy.
9. Pupils from one class are not allowed to be in the other class rooms during interval.
10. Every student must bring the school diary to the class daily. It should not be used as a rough book. Pages there-in should not be torn.
11. Gold ornaments should not be worn.
12. Bringing play materials, magazines and books other than the prescribed ones to the class is punishable.
13. Boys are not allowed to grow or colour their hair. Boys without proper hair cut or with disfigured side locks/whiskers will not be permitted in class. Boys should not wear low waste pants.
14. Students should not throw papers or any waste materials on the floor of the class or in the ground.
All these rules must be strictly followed complains against action taken on violation of these rules will not entertained.
15. Please ensure that the child is regular in doing the home work, assignment etc. and devotes time and attention to studies at home.
16. Private tuition unless essential, may be discouraged.
17. Please go through the progress report issued periodically and take suitable steps.
18. Please inform the class teacher whenever there is a change in the address or telephone number.
19. We request the parents/ guardians to co-operate with the school so that our mutual endeavor benefits the total progress of the child.