• The entire pupil should attend the school in the School Uniform.
• Uniform should be neat and clean. Pupils with uncombed hair, dirty finger nail etc.; will face serious censure.
• Pupils should be inside the school campus at least 15 minutes before the first bill. Perfect silence will prevail during the prayer and at all school functions.
• The class rooms and school premises in general should be kept neat and tidy. Scribbling on the walls, scattering the bits of papers, dust from the pencil sharpener, toffee wrappers, damaging the furniture and damaging the school property etc.; are strictly forbidden. Any one causing such damage will have to make good the losses either by compensation or by replacement.
• Pupils behavior towards and teachers and elders should be marked by respect and obedience.

• Any pupil loitering in the school premises will be seriously dealt with lazy and easy attitude and inattentive manner. Gossiping mischievous acts, distracting other students, making any kind of disturbance during class hours should be avoided.
• All the students should converse in English in the school premises to acquire greater facility in the fluent use of the language.
• The school Dairy is an important personal record of the pupil; so every pupil should take special care in bringing the Dairy to the school every day.
• Students should be regular in doing their class work and home work assignments as instructed by the teachers. Any negligence on the part of students will be considered as serious misconduct calling for severe action.
• Severe disciplinary action will be taken against those who continuously misbehave or indulge in the nefarious activities
Ones birthday is an important date. To celebrate the birth day in a novel way, we advice the student to be service motive and to donate one rupee for one life or one book for School library.