School Transport facilities on certain routes are provided on payment for all the Girls and Boys.

1. School transport facilities on certain routes are provided on payment for all the girls and boys.
2. Adjustment in transport fee will not be made at any event.
3. The school will note owe any responsibility or liability whatsoever for delay, mechanical disorder, breakdown accident etc. during the journey to and from the school.
4. Transport fee must be paid either by the student or parent at the school cash counter. School transport fee defaulters will be denied this service without a written notice.
5. All dues in the tuition fee and other fee must be cleared before the examination.
6. Students must travel only by the bus allocated to him/her. Change of bus will not be entertained except on genuine reasons for which a written permission from the school authorities should be obtained.
7. Students must report at their scheduled bus stop at the fixed item. If they fail, the school will not be responsible for his/her having been left out.
8. Students without proper uniform will not be allowed in the school bus. If any student travelling by the school bus indulges in any misbehavior or acts of indiscipline, he/she will be liable to pay the penalty and denied the school transport further.
9. Children proceeding on leave will also have to pay transport fee along with the tuition fee for the period of leave.
10. If a student wishes to discontinue the once availed transport facility, it should be informed in advance to the Principal or Transport in charge in writing.